My v2os page...

v2os is a full 32-bit operating system developed in assembler. Size is only app. 50k!
To make a v2os boot floppy from DOS, you need files: boot.v2s; system16.v2s; system32.v2s and writeos.exe.
Just put these files in a directory; place a emtpy 1.44meg floppy in a: and run writeos.exe.
Here are the mentioned files:
Here is hacked v2os version, that does not need a HD to exist:
That is the hack in system16.asm (*PS line) / partlist does not work:

	mov  ah,8                               ; Get info
	mov  dl,80h
	int  13h
	test dl, dl                             ; No fixed disks?

	movzx cx,dl
	mov  dx,80h                             ; Fixed disk


Here are some apps + dos tools:
(Use v2dir; v2del to delete file from-; v2copy to copy file to- v2os floppy)
Runs from floppy or hd...

not much to see here yet. Go to

I will program some apps with djgpp/nasm for v2os soon...
The current zip archive of my work is here:

If you want to get in contact with me: